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Ecstatic Birth

Raw Pregnancy and Childbirth, eBook

My 2 raw-vegan diet pregnancies and childbirths were much easier than my cooked-vegan ones and my last birth was not only easy but so totally ecstatic that I wrote this ebook to share my experiences.


Jinjee's Story
Raven's Birth
Jome's Birth
Shale's Birth
Adagio's Birth
The Myth of "Pushing"
Husband/Wife Unassisted Childbirth
Getting Through Transition
Fasting During Labor
Visualizing to Dispel Societal Fears
Birth Plan
Storm's Shopping Habits/Gift
To Supplement or Not to Supplement
The Myth of Needing to Eat More
Diet for A Raw-Vegan Pregnancy
The Root Of Morning Sickness
Nursing - Eating for Good Milk Production
Question about B-12
Question re supplements/herbs
Question regarding Detox
Storm's View of "Raw Pregnancy and Natural Childbirth"
Recommended Reading
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Organic Raw-Vegan Nutrition and Husband/Wife Birthing for an Easy Pregnancy and Ecstatic Childbirth!
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