Unbelievable - Chapter List

Table of contents

storm cello beachOverview - stats and numbers concerning our state of health in America.

The Dark Years - my personal experience and people that I know and have known on the Black American Diet (BAD).

A Ray of Light - my first introduction to the concept of being a vegetarian, my experiences in Korea and my first introduction to the Martial Arts and how the two are connected.

An Amazing Discovery - my first steps into the world of being a vegetarian to two years after I became a vegetarian and the first steps into the world of being a raw vegan.

Bicycling Across the Americas - my decision in 1973 to ride to Southern Mexico on a bicycle. This journey lasted over two years and it more than proved that the Raw Vegan Diet is a high performance diet for athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts.

California - the first raw vegan, pre natal and raw birth of my first son and the amazing breakthroughs in pregnancy that I first observed on this diet.  The effect of tree ripened oranges as a main staple of the raw vegan diet and other insights during the period of time between 1974 to 1979.

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The Rainy Mountain School - the founding of my first school which was quietly based around the raw vegan diet and using nature as a back drop for working with children and awakening intelligence, covering five year period between 1985 - 1989.  The amazing breakthroughs that took place during this time period as I was reaping the next round of benefits of doing a long-term raw vegan diet.

The Garden Diet Story - covering about a thirteen year period of working with and developing the concept and philosophies that bring us right up to our current time.

Green For One Week - Sailing, walking and hiking on Catalina Island living truly green as a whole family for a week, without a car, out from under the oil tyranny.

The Imposter - tricked in to choosing an impossible road.

The Raw Vegan Village - a dream for our family and a village of the future. Why, how, and where we're at now.

The Healer/Killer - how I found these two energies to be the same, and how this duality can dwell in such a paradoxical relationship.

STORMAdrift - the lost years.

The Jade Hunter - my relationship to the real world, the parallel magical world of nature.

The Retreats - a decade of conducting retreats; amazing healing, and transformations.

Mental Mind Mail - the amazing telepathic clarity of long-term raw vegan perception.

The Band - Three Solidarity Birds, unusual choices, and strange lands indeed.

The Raw Vegan Body Builder/Athlete/Warrior - discovering the long-term results of raw food philosophy.

The Voodoo Factor - stepping outside of scientific logic.

STORM AND JINJEEThe Science Factor - my run-in with a very special doctor and why the medical industry is catching up with raw food.

The Kids - the proof is in the pudding. Period.

Who Am I - a mid-life existential question.

The Herbalist - experiments and discoveries.

The Midwife - my experiences with raw vegan pregnancies and deliveries.

Bright Lights - other amazing raw vegans that I have had the honor to have met and shared ideas with.

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It is my sincere hope that after you read this book and review the supporting materials that you will have a working handle on how to go raw long term and have a totally balanced diet that not only works for you but also for your entire family. After studying the supporting materials that come with the eBook Package, I hope that you will be able to put together wonderful fresh meals that you can serve to anyone regardless of their dietary persuasion.