Unbelievable, Chapter One

Storm, 60

My name is Storm. I was born in a grim industrial complex on the east-side of Detroit around the middle of the 20th century. I'm now in my 61st journey around the sun. I dropped out of High School in the 10th grade to pursue a course of independent studies. At the age of 35 I attended college for 15 years and left without obtaining a degree.

The year was 1970.

The sun was hot and alien. I was experiencing a moment of clarity as I sat on the bus on my way to the unemployment office.  I had just returned from doing a tour of duty in Korea the land of the morning calm.

I was a victim of sudden seeings.  But unless you step up and claim them they will make you a coward on earth. Out of step. I was out of step.  I was not the first young man to return from Asia changed forever.

The one thing that I remember most vividly is feeling the heat of the sun streaming in through the bus window. I was conscious of merging with it and feeling it in the depths of my being.  Now that its heat has taken away my will to go on it dozed through my blood like slow lazy brandy. It almost caused me to miss my stop.  

storm story
Storm, 60

As soon as I got off of the bus I lit a cigarette; something I had sworn I would never do again.  I felt an instant disconnect from the sun.  I was totally aware of going from a heightened sense of awareness to becoming totally disconnected from everything and everyone.  It was the first time that I became aware of being toxic.

It would still take me months before I could overcome cigarettes. I would buy a pack, smoke two cigarettes out of it and then throw the whole pack away. Two hours later I would buy another pack.  I didn't know it at the time but it would become a recurring pattern as I would try to break the cycles of addiction. There are major addictions and more subtle addictions.  The major addictions like smoking and drinking are actually easier to  break than the subtle ones like MSG in the form of Thai food.  We become addicted to foods that are laced with drugs without ever realizing that it is the drug and not the food that we are craving.

I know with me it was equated with every time I started getting closer to the light I would start to experience anxiety attacks.  It was almost like I couldn't handle the power of becoming truly clear. Now as back then I was always about three steps behind myself.  I always know how to take the next two or three steps, but often I lack the will.


There are many different types of powers.  For instance there is political power which comes from holding domination over your fellow men, there is economic power which comes from the amassing of material wealth, and then there is personal power which comes from having knowledge of self. This is the hardest and most powerful of the three types of power.

Are there secrets to unlocking personal power.  I know for myself that it is not so much secrets as just finding the ability to use the knowledge that I have.  A lot of the knowledge itself is very simple common sense. Like should we eat organic food vs. food that has been sprayed with poison.  The reason it has been sprayed with poison is to kill insects and weeds. This is a total no brainer.  We could go into great depth and detail and describe the different types of poisons and the different effects that they have on the human body. We could even do overlay graphs that show the rise of different types of chronic debilitating conditions and diseases and when certain types of chemicals and toxins where introduced into our food chain.

Like DDT. When it was first introduced in the forties and the fifties it was seen as a miracle chemical by the agricultural community.  Soldiers returning from overseas in World War II  were totally doused with it from head to feet. Then somewhere around the late fifties and early sixties it was found that the American male sperm count was down by half. And as of this writing there are now over 400 fertility clinics in America alone containing over two hundred thousand frozen embryos.  If we connect the dots we will find a direct rise in the use of chemical farming and the inability of young couples to conceive.

sun tree
Adagio Talifero, 6

But the actual concept of organic food is itself a simple one. And the underlying truth is that if you go for decades and decades just eating organic fruits and vegetables you will see an amazing difference in the quality of life and health.

I think that one of the mind sets in the treating of our fruits and vegetables with poisons is that we are taking in such small amounts at a time until we really don't feel it in the moment.  But what happens is that many of these toxins are accumulative and once they reach critical mass they result in the manifestation of a chronic condition that is hardly ever directly connected to the toxins that we have been digesting for over a period of decades.

It is a sad fact that over three fourths of Americans will die from chronic debilitating diseases that are totally preventable.

One in five Americans has arthritis which is one of the major causes of disability. Our obesity rate is the worst in the world and is one of the major predictors of serious illnesses.

Most of the diseases resulting from obesity are the most costly and hardest to manage; diabetes, cardiovascular(heart) disease, and cancer.

storm talks
Storm, 61

Over three thousand people a day die from corporate sponsored addictions; smoking, alcohol, and obesity. Obesity is a hard one to tie directly in to the fast food industry because it results in a lot of different diseases that can't be traced directly to certain industries like tobacco and alcohol.

This epidemic of largely preventable diseases is catastrophic and the fact that many American are not only losing their health but their life savings is a national disgrace.

We here in  America make up four percent of the world's population but we use over sixty percent of the world's prescribed drugs.  Our ranking of health is forty second in the over all standing or ranking in the world.  While we are just four percent of the world's population we use over forty percent of the world's resources. One out of three of our children is obese. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

On the other hand our doctors are the best in the world. They can do many different types of open heart surgeries for conditions that fifty years ago would have meant certain death. And as of this writing there is a whole legion of bright young doctors who are totally sincere in their desire to help alleviate the suffering that is at an almost epidemic level from chronic conditions that are being brought about from our horrendous dietary habits.

Storm, 53

In 1966 two strange things happened that I think are major turning points. I had never been attracted to the religious teachings of any church. But at the age of sixteen I became fascinated with the study of demons and angels. This was around the same time that I had dropped out of High School to pursue a course of independent studies. I would go to the Wayne State University library and access all the books that I could find on world religions, demonology and Zen Buddhism. It was also at this time that I became totally corrupt in that I started smoking, drinking and taking drugs. By the time I was seventeen I had my own apartment. I was sleeping by day and spending my nights drunk squandering my father’s gold in sinister markets.

My only redeeming grace at this time was the fact that I was an artist. But I hid my talent away.

Pencil Drawing by Storm Talifero

It was while I was trying to find which line of street life  I was best suited for that Old Man Sonny the wino that taught me to box when I was a kid started telling people that I was an artist. When that happened a curious light would come into even the most destroyed and depraved of these street denizens. I noticed that the pimps and gamblers treated me differently when they found out I could draw. I started getting commissions to do oil paintings and drawings.

storm painting
Oil Painting by Storm Talifero

By the time I was seventeen I was making more money than a man working in the factories. My art was dark. I often wonder if it was my study of demonology that led me to the darker side. Even my landscapes had a darkness and an edge to them. I was the artist of the underworld night life in Detroit and it was a fatally glamorous era.

storm playing flute

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